Background Screening


Background Screenings/Investigations:

Hiring the best employees and vendors is integral to the success of any company or organization; and Wilson Professional Services, Inc. is dedicated to helping you do just that.

Wilson Professional Services, Inc's background screening and investigative services can help eliminate doubt about the integrity of potential job applicants and vendors. From traditional background screens to specialized investigations, Wilson Professional Services, Inc's products and services can be tailored to meet the needs of any organization, whether large or small. Wilson Professional Services, Inc. wants to provide you with intelligent information to allow your company to make empowered decisions.

Our services include:  

   • Pre-employment background screens
   • Criminal record history
   •Motor Vehicle record history
   •Tenant screening reports
   •Social Security Number Identity trace
   • License Verifications (Nurses, teachers, physicians, etc.)
   •Employment Verification
   • Education Verification

At a minimum we recommend all clients screen potential employees for the following:

   •Social Security Number trace
   •Name & Address History
   •Criminal History from all states lived in past 7 years
   •Driving Record
   •Workers Compensation History

Some situations that warrant more detailed background screening services include employees that will be:

   •Working with children
   •Employed in elder care settings
   •Working at a government site
   •Any position with fiduciary responsibilities