The TEAM Program of Wilson Professional Services, Inc.

Treatment Education Awareness Mentoring

The TEAM program is specifically designed for individuals less than eighteen years old and their parents / guardians.The ten week program consists of:

1. A comprehensive drug and alcohol assessment.

2. Drug and alcohol testing is conducted prior to enrollment, randomly during the program and near the completion of the program. Negative drug test results are required for successful completion.

3. Group sessions with the parents.

4. Group sessions with the clients.

5. Group sessions with the parents and clients.

6. Individual sessions for parents and clients if needed.

We believe that the TEAM Program is an excellent program to prevent continued use of substances by our school aged population. Parents will learn ways to recognize possible concerns before the potential problem takes control of their children.

Services are provided in our professional office located at 3201 Nash Street, Wilson, NC. Call our office and speak with TEAM Program Coordinator for more information.